Coimbatore Powerlifting Champion Kathirvel

Early life of Kathirvel

In his youth Kathirvel loved sports especially he played cricket with his left-hand. Starting strength training when he reached his teens, he moved into the sport of power lifting where he first recognized that he was getting really strong and it's really fast.

After screening his hard work he committed himself in bodybuilding. With his pure strength showing even more through his bodybuilding training, Kathir vel decided to become a power lifter.

Early life
of Kathirvel

Life of power lifting

After finishing higher secondary education, he was impressed by Mr. Shiva who is a first Asian gold winner in power lifting so Kathir decided to pursue power lifting following encouragement from his friend who himself is a powerlifter.

His coach Shiva who is running SIRUVANI Gym and fitness center, P.N Pudur Coimbatore City. His trainer Shiva is one of the god's gifted motivator for Kathir who shaped him to be a perfect diamond.

Life of
power lifting

Kathirvel's performance of power lifting

He lifted 530 kg on his first bench press attempt and immediately he got second position in that match. He won his first ever title in Power lifting in Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. He is a Champion and had a 1st position for the past 3 years of Power lifting

He finished fourth in the final standings after lifting a total weight of 420 kg in Coimbatore district level competition. He had won GOLD MEDAL for 3 times. When ever he enters to match his only focus is to be a first position holder. Eventually he is the first position holder in most of the match he had participated. As his spirit and hard practice made him to be best performer.

of power lifting


As he completed his U.G in Hindustan College of arts and science, Coimbatore. He got a good support from Hindustan College where they made him to participate and win the matches in both district and state levels. As he comes across many matches he didn't get any failures. Only the thing he got success while appearing in every match.

For both JUNIOR & SENIOR Kathirvel has been graded as FIRST POSITION HOLDER. Now he got a seat allotment via sports quota in Psg College of arts and science for his post graduation. In Psg too he is too flexible with their supports.


Kathir's Personal experience

Presence of lifters from many states ensured the competition was tough and interesting," says Kathirvel, who has been practicing power lifting under the Shiva coach for past four years. The patriarchal bends to the power lifting spirits in the Indian culture is what provoked Kathirvel to take up the sport and carve her niche as a power lifter.

"My determination wouldn't have been effective in notching up my performance if I did not have the support from my family, who stand behind me during adverse times" says Kathirvel the PSG College Student.


Self Exclamation

kathirvel come across multiple challenging power lifting matches, with his inner power and confidence he just got impressed himself in performing 300 kg and 350 squatting.

Power lifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. He just wondered as he performed those categories with 560 Kg weight.


Next you are powerful power lifter

If you have will power sure you can be what you think. To be a power lifter there are some limitations or requirements which are enlisted below

Your body weight must be 65 Kg and above

Family support

To improve your tolerance for training volume

Good coach

Self motivation and will power

Regular practice

Stabilization of mind state

Next you are
power lifter