Banyan Sports Group

Camp provides a combination of both planned and optional activities to give kids exposure to a variety of sports and recreational activities.

This multi-sport camp provides a safe and fun environment for kids to play sports they alredy enjoy as well as try new activities.

Activities are designed to encourage physical fitness aspects and aslo to improve their core values

Sport has the power to change the world

It has the power to inspire

it has the power to unite in way that little else does.

It speaks youth in a language thy understand.

Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.

YLDG Cricket Club

Rk Fitness Village

RK Fitness Village, by our motto Dream Fit Live Fit we believe everyone has a dream to be fit and to enjoy a fit & healthy lifestyle.

We provide customized fitness workouts and guidance to sports persons, working professionals and students of both men and women in our natural and spacious green environment to transform your fitness dream to live.

About us


We have our Self Owned facility which is planned in 10000sqft area in the natural environment with more space for free hand workouts, stretching, cross country fitness etc.

Our facility is designed to allow full of natural light, clean air coming inside the building so you could work out without feeling any discomfort.

Vehicle parking is also made available for members.

Our facility is loaded with top quality cardio, free weight, and strength training, cross-country fitness equipment that you need to get in shape.