Policies and Procedures

A valid Fitness Center membership card is required for admission to the facility. No exceptions.

Proper attire is required at all times, including shirts and Sports shoes. No open toed shoes are allowed. No jeans or denim. No wet, muddy or salty shoes.

Food,Smoking and drinks are not allowed inside the facility. Plastic water bottles are acceptable.

The use of improper or dangerous exercise techniques is not permitted.

Be respectful and considerate of others. Do not engage is horseplay, arguing, or loud and offensive language.

The staff offices, telephones, and computer are off limits to members without permission.

No tobacco products, chewing gum, alcohol, drugs or illegal substance allowed in the facility.

All guests and visitors must report to the front desk and sign the entry register.

The Fitness Center employees are authorized to expel users for failure to follow the fitness center Policies.

You must have a current RK Fitness center membership to use the facility.

Fitness Center Etiquette

Do not monopolize the equipment. Invite members who are waiting to work in.

Do not sit on the equipment when resting between sets.

Stay in the general vicinity if you are between sets on a machine.

Do not have long conversations when others are waiting.

Do not exceed the time limit on the cardio machine. (30 minutes)

If you are waiting for a cardio machine be ready to go when it's your turn.

Do not engage in any unwanted conversations and provide each of our member's appropriate personal space as requested. .